Biing H. Juang, Ph.D.

Advanced Communications
Georgia Institute of Technology
Recruited: 2002

Dr. Juang's team develops theories and technologies that enable people to communicate remotely using sight, sound and touch for true information sharing, immersion, and interaction, beyond the traditional telephony, thereby driving the growth of broadband telecommunication networks.


Dr. Juang and his lab team are pursuing advanced communications research in:

  •     Natural human machine interaction
  •     Next-generation teleconferencing technologies that offer hi-fi stereo telephony
  •     Immersive communication
  •     Tele-presence in a shared environment for remote collaboration including handling and manipulation of virtual physical models at   macro and micro-kinematic levels

Choosing Georgia

Georgia offers the vision to lead people and society into the future via rigorous intellectual discipline and innovative technologies. With the technologies that are being developed, Georgia is an ideal place to demonstrate its competitiveness in global economic activities. In addition, the encouragement from Georgia Research Alliance, which has shown impressive results in the past, is unmatched in promoting research and development in science and technology.