Rao R. Tummala, Ph.D.

Electronic and Bio-electronic Ultraminiaturized Systems by System-on-Package
Georgia Institute of Technology
Recruited: 1993

Dr. Tummala's research is centered around

  •  microsystems from design to manufacturing
  •  system-on-package concept for ultraminiaturization
  •  integral thinfilm passive and active components
  •  ultraminiaturized bioelectronics
  •  advanced electronic materials


Dr. Tummala wants to help Georgia become the global leader in SOP Research and Education for ultraminiaturized electronic and bioelectronic systems in partnership with the global electronics industry.

Pioneering SOP technology for convergent and ultraminiaturized electronic and bioelectronic systems is based on the new fundamental microelectronic paradigm, pioneered by Dr. Tummala, called System-on-Package with advances in high density interconnections, mixed signal design and testing, opto, RF, and analog and sensor integration and nano wafer level packaging.

His research also involves Design-Build-Operate (DBO) hands-on education at undergraduate level.

Choosing Georgia

Dr. Tummala chose to come to Georgia ecause of the state’s technology vision for the 21st century and its focus on developing high tech infrastructure and strong support for industry-needed technology.  It is also because of Georgia Tech and its unique and distinct culture.