Heather Creran

Serving in CEO, president and COO roles, and with experience as a board director and advisor, Heather is a leader with extensive strategic and operational success driving growth in diverse enterprises, including startup, joint venture, privately-held and public companies.  

Heather currently serves as chief operating officer of OncoLens, which offers a technology platform to streamline the planning of cancer treatment. She is also president and principal at Health Acuity Consulting, which provides counsel and leadership to healthcare technology companies.

Heather has served in concurrent roles as president and board director for Eurofins Scientific’s US clinical diagnostics division — at both EGL Genetics, a joint venture between Eurofins and Emory University, internationally recognized in rare and inherited disease genetic testing, and NTD, in the pre-natal screening market. Prior to joining Eurofins, she was laboratory diagnostics practice leader at the Broadwell Group, chief operating officer at MicroBplex and senior advisor at Lena Biosciences. 

Before starting her consulting practice, Heather was president & CEO of CSI Laboratories, an independent, privately held national cancer diagnostics company based in Alpharetta, Ga.; and executive vice president and COO at Clarient, Inc., a NASDAQ-traded, personalized medicine company in Orange County, Ca.  

Heather serves on advisory boards and committees with industry, non-profit, and government organizations.  She received her B.A. with majors in economics and political science from Duke University.

 Heather  Creran