Amy L. Todd

Vice President, Finance and Administration

As one of GRA’s founding employees in 1990, Amy Todd has been an essential part of the organization’s operations from the very beginning. She played a critical role in the establishment of this new concept to bring the research universities, the business community, and state government together. 

Meticulous and detail-oriented, Amy understands GRA’s larger vision while being willing to tackle the nitty-gritty work that makes that vision a reality.

As GRA has changed over three decades, Amy’s role has evolved, too. Today, she is responsible for the financial and administrative health of the entire enterprise, and also serves as Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees. She manages GRA’s annual budget, grants and contracts accounting, and employee benefits and payroll.  Through her diligent management of financial records, Amy has helped GRA achieve 34 consecutive years of clean financial audits.

She also provides crucial support for special projects. Following GRA’s merger with the Georgia Cancer Coalition, Amy seamlessly combined the resources and talents of two organizations under one roof.

Given her long history with GRA, Amy considers the Alliance as important to her as she is to it. “I know I could be an accountant or a business manager anywhere, but what GRA does on such a grand scale for so many in the state — it just feels very rewarding to be part of this,” says Amy.

Prior to launching GRA, Amy worked at Emory University’s Woodruff Health Sciences Center in the Office of the Vice President for Health Affairs.




 Amy L. Todd, Vice President, Finance and Administration