Ashley F. Cornelison

Operations Director, Venture Development

Ashley Cornelison is at the center of GRA’s startup companies, overseeing the essential components of both GRA’s venture development program and the GRA Venture Fund, LLC. Leaders of these newly launched companies rely on Ashley’s skills in organization, analysis and communication to keep their interaction with GRA seamless and accurate.

Ashley administers GRA’s grants and loans awarded to startups.  She helps scientists assemble their applications and then she maintains contact with university technology transfer offices. She also coordinates the rigorous external reviews of proposals and projects — and moves administrative or financial obstacles out of the way for early-stage enterprises.

Compliance factors prominently into Ashley’s day-to-day responsibilities, as she ensures that GRA’s venture development funds are appropriately spent. Her previous role at an Atlanta-based law firm, where she was immersed in the review of contracts, helped prepare her for the careful attention she gives to GRA’s project management systems.

A key aspect of Ashley’s work is managing a comprehensive database containing detailed information on 400+ active projects receiving venture development investment. From first proposals to final award letters – and every milestone and progress report in between – Ashley tracks it all.

Ashley received her B.S. in Business Administration in 2008 from the Terry College of Business at The University of Georgia.



 Ashley F. Cornelison, Operations Director, Venture Development