Allen S. Moseley

Managing General Partner
Noro-Moseley Partners

Allen Moseley joined NMP in 1998. Moseley leads the investment and venture capital firm’s healthcare sector.

Moseley represents NMP on the boards of Hospicelink, Navitas Credit Corp., Novu, Pure Life Renal, RemitDATA and Streamline Health Solutions. He is a board observer for Advance Health.

He previously served as director on several NMP investment companies, with extensive experience in the healthcare industry.

Moseley also worked in the corporate finance group at The Robinson-Humphrey Company, an investment banking firm most recently acquired by SunTrust.

Currently Moseley serves on the Board of Governors of the Small Business Investor Alliance (SBIA), the Board of Trustees of the Technology Association of Georgia and the Board of Directors of the Nashville Health Care Council.

He received his bachelor’s from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his MBA from Harvard Business School.

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 Allen S. Moseley, Managing General Partner