Connor Seabrook

Vice President and Managing Director, GRA Venture Fund

Connor Seabrook has experienced entrepreneurship from both sides of the negotiating table – as an executive of tech-based startups raising money from venture capitalists, and as a venture capitalist pursuing rewarding investment opportunities. As such, he brings 30 years of valuable perspective to his dual roles at GRA’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) program and the GRA Venture Fund, LLC. 

GRA helps Georgia’s university-based researchers turn discoveries into successful companies. Connor helps guide these projects through the process of strategizing and goal-setting, identifying product development milestones and setting a vision for successful business development. When successful, this effort to fund further development of the technology will lead to patent or other intellectual property protection, company formation, matching funds and a licensing agreement between the new company and the University. 

As GRA companies mature, they may apply for a GRA loan to fund go-to-market and other critical company activities. As a member of the GRA I&E Loan Committee, Connor tracks all loan activity and provides loan performance guidance to the Committee. 

As a company matures further, it may choose to apply for an equity investment from the GRA Venture Fund — a $45M venture capital fund that invests in promising university-based startups located in Georgia. As Managing Director, Connor works closely with the Fund’s Board of Directors on strategy, oversight and investment decisions.  Connor also handles the Fund’s accounting, tax and other administrative responsibilities, including reporting and investor questions.

Before joining GRA, Connor was a partner with Alliance Technology Ventures (ATV), a $250 million venture capital partnership. Previously, he was CFO of Aspen Venture Partners, a $150 million venture capital fund, and an associate with 3i Ventures, part of 3i Group, a publicly traded private equity firm based in London.

His business experience also includes senior management roles at a number of companies, including AtheroGenics and Inhibitex, both of which became publicly traded, and with Goldman Sachs & Company and the U.S. Trust Company of New York.

Connor earned an MBA from the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College and a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Economics from Trinity College.


 Connor  Seabrook, Vice President and Managing Director, GRA Venture Fund