July 19, 2017

Carbice raises $1.5 million in seed round

Startup debuts versatile thermal tape for solving heat dissipation challenges in electronic devices

Carbice, an Atlanta-based startup spun out of Georgia Tech’s Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology that manufactures advanced materials for effective thermal design of electronic devices, announced today the electronic packaging industry’s most versatile thermal tape.

The company raised $1.5 million in a series seed round co-led by TechSquare Labs and GRA Venture Fund to launch Carbice tape with select early customers. The raise also brings to the Board of Directors former Porex Corporation CEO, Bill Midgette.

Carbice is a member company in the Advanced Technology Development Center’s ATDC Accelerate portfolio at Georgia Tech. ATDC works with Georgia entrepreneurs to help them build successful technology companies. Carbice has also been supported by the City of Atlanta and Invest Atlanta in the 2016 Atlanta-Toulouse Startup Exchange.

Carbice tape is designed to replace 100s of existing heat dissipation products with one simple and easy-to-apply solution that serves as a new high-performance platform for building future generations of electronic devices. 

“We are in a new digital world and effective thermal design has emerged as a critical path to bringing innovative new products to market,” said Bara Cola (@baratundecola), founder and CEO of Carbice. “Carbice technology is based on a protected scientific breakthrough in materials engineering that keeps us significantly ahead of the curve. Our ability to provide this game-changing technology as a drop-in solution removes barriers and allows our customers to achieve more today and bring their products to market faster.”

Key benefits of Carbice tape include: 

  • Improved device performance
  • Reduced product size and cost
  • Fast, no mess assembly with reduced waste and simplified bill of materials
  • Lower inventory cost to address different product needs

Carbice tape early applications include advancing satellite development, semiconductor test, and home gateway products. The company is also funded by a recent phase II SBIR grant from the National Science Foundation and a grant from the Army Research Lab to feed a pipeline of new products yet to be announced.

Customers interested in evaluating the benefits of Carbice tape in their applications are encouraged to contact sales@carbice.com for more information. 

About Carbice 

Carbice Corporation is based in Atlanta and rooted in Georgia Tech. The company enables effective thermal design to drive the future of the modern, sustainable digital world on Earth, Mars, and beyond. Carbice technology is the new standard of performance for thermal materials. Carbice is committed to helping our customers achieve something new, better, or more cost-effective with an amazing customer experience. Founded in 2017, Carbice introduced the world’s most versatile thermal tape to the electronics industry. Achieve more with confidence. Achieve more with Carbice. 

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