January 23, 2023

Fresh from the Lab!

GRA showcases Georgia invention at global poultry industry convention

It’s somehow fitting that the world’s largest gathering of the poultry industry would be held in Georgia, the nation’s top producer of poultry.

And it’s just as appropriate that GRA would showcase ingenuity from Georgia’s universities at the gathering – the 2023 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), held this week in Atlanta. Through its Greater Yield Initiative, GRA is working to move new technologies that would benefit poultry producers and processors from the lab to the farm. 

Visitors to Booth C13534 at the Georgia World Congress Center this week will see demonstrations of three such technologies:

  • AudioT, out of Georgia Tech, offers technology that safeguards the welfare of broiler chickens by identifying and analyzing the sounds they make. 
  • virtual reality platform, also developed at Georgia Tech, allows a worker in one location to control robotic processing of poultry in another. It also supports remote training of workers.
  • PoultryE, from the University of Georgia, uses imaging technology to track individual broiler chickens in grow-out houses, detecting weight loss, lameness and other indicators of welfare.

While none of the technologies is quite market-ready, all three of them have shown great promise in development and evaluation. More about these and other inventions from Greater Yield >

That’s good news for Georgia’s poultry farmers and processors, a huge industry for the state. Three out of four Georgia counties are involved in poultry and egg production, and the industry employs more than 88,000 Georgians here. 

“All segments of the global poultry industry are present at IPPE, which makes it an excellent opportunity to share the ‘Georgia story’ of how our universities can help the industry,” says Lee Herron, GRA Senior Vice President who heads the Greater Yield Initiative. “GRA’s role is to provide seed investment and advice to university researchers who seek to bring their technologies to benefit poultry producers, in Georgia and beyond.”

With 25,000 attendees from 110 countries, The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is the world’s largest poultry, meat and animal food event. The convention is a combination of three shows – the International Feed Expo, the International Meat Expo and the International Poultry Expo, which marks its 75th anniversary this year.

More about GRA’s Greater Yield Initiative >