An elite corps of cancer scientists

GRA Cancer Scientists are highly renowned researchers working on breakthroughs related to cancer.

Cancer is one of the Alliance's areas of strategic focus. Beyond investing in start-up enterprises launched around cancer-related discovery and recruiting GRA Eminent Scholars whose science has implications for treating cancer, GRA adds another dimension to cancer exploration with the Cancer Scientists — all of whom are affiliated with health care systems in Georgia.

Contact Amy Moore for more information about the work of this elite corps of researchers.

Columbus Regional Medical Center
John Pawloski
Andrew Pippas

DeKalb Medical Center

John Kennedy

Emory University

Jonathan Beitler
Carla Berg
Lawrence Boise
Daniel Brat
Bassel El-Rayes
Baowei Fei
Jacques Galipeau
Stephan Goebel
Scott Kono
Jeanne Kowalski
Tobey MacDonald
Edward Morgan
Joel Saltz
David Schuster
Dong Shin
Gabriel Sica
David Yu

Georgia Institute of Technology

Ravi Bellamkonda
Manu Platt

Georgia Regents University

Samir N. Kleif
Amyn Rojiani

Georgia State University

Aimin Liu

Harbin Clinic

Matt Mumber

Medical Center of Central Georgia

Fred Schnell

Morehouse School of Medicine

Eric Flenaugh
James Lillard

The University of Georgia

Kevin Dobbin
Natarajan Kannan
Mandi Murph
Jia-Sheng Wang